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Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO) – A decade ago, mobile apps were nearly nonexistent and there was no such thing as an app store. But all that changed when smartphones came into being. The first app store was started by Apple for its iOS platform in July 2008 which was soon followed by Google’s app store (now Google Play) for the Android platform.
After that developers around the world plunged into a rat race of creating the best apps for mobile devices. Right now there are nearly 2 million apps out there and the number is only going to keep climbing, As such the greatest challenge faced by a developer is to get their app noticed.
As surveys have already shown, most users find the apps they are looking for, through app store search. So, the most important factor to increase traffic to an app page and then translate that traffic into downloads, is a higher ranking in the app store. But what you need to remember is that in this field there are two major players. Unlike in the web where Google is the defining term for search and SEO’s are geared towards optimizing websites to meet the requirements of Google’s search algorithms, app industry has two major players; Apple and Google and the criteria to get higher ranking in the app store search for these two platforms is drastically different in some ways and similar in others.

For example, Google takes into account the number of inbound links to an app’s detail page but Apple doesn’t do so.
Google Play (Android):
Keywords – If you are focusing on Google Play then your App Store optimization theory should focus on using the right keywords without going overboard. The first step is to research and find the right keywords that are best suited for your app. Once you have a list of such keywords, use the most important ones on the title for the app. Make sure that your research is thorough so that you don’t have to change your app title often as it can be detrimental. The title needs to be precise but unique so that it stands out. Do not make it too long as longer titles maybe truncated on some devices.
Description – The second most important part is the description. In Google Play, the search algorithm takes the description into account so use this space wisely. There are two parts to it; the part of the description which will be visible above the fold should have the most vital info about the app. The rest of the description should have the secondary keywords. The keywords should not be mentioned any more than 5 times as Google doesn’t like spamming.

Images – Use graphic and images to their full potential. Google Play allows you to upload screenshots in the app page. Use screenshots that best describes your app and shows its usefulness. You can include texts or other clips to tell the story of your app. Also use an app icon that conveys the usefulness and elegance of your app. In search results, an icon is the first thing that a consumer sees, so it needs to be interesting and attractive.
Video – A very good opportunity to market your app that Google Play provides is the demo video that you can add to your app page. Create a video that concisely shows what your app does. Don’t make it overly long, keep it to the point and focus on your app’s function instead of blatantly promoting it.
Reviews and ratings – Prove an app’s worth more than anything so make sure to ask your customers for reviews. You can use the social media accounts for your app to ask for reviews. Many consumers are influenced by user reviews and overall ratings, so positive user reviews and high overall ratings can help your app go up the rungs in app search. The total number of downloads also determine an app’s ranking, the higher the number of downloads, the higher your app will be placed on the search results.
Getting into the Top Charts is a great way to increase visibility for your app. But that is more or less pad marketing and has its own pitfalls. It is basically using paid marketing and incentivized downloads to get a certain number of downloads within a period of time. Once you get into the top charts, you will have to maintain it too.
Apple’s App Store (IOS):
iTunes App Store is quite different from Google Play and works in a completely different manner. Apple’s app store is an evolved version of their music store so they do not have a background n search like Google. But some things are similar too. For example, the Title field in the App Store is as important as in Google Play. The same theory applies; research the keywords that best suits your app, take a look at the keywords your competitors use and chose the most important ones to be included in the title.
In the App Store, the description section is not very important, as it has nothing to do with ranking. That doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Once consumers reach your app page, the description will let them know what to expect from your app.

iOS has a Keyword Field feature where you can mention the keywords that your app should show up for. This field only allows 100 characters so you should list all the important keywords separated only by commas, don’t waste characters on space. Focus on how relevant a keyword is and how frequently they are searched, don’t use overly difficult keywords. Try to keep the keywords limited to individual words no need to use phrases.
App icon is very very important. The importance of a visually appealing and yet to the point icon cannot be overly emphasized. The icon needs to be unique, but easy to understand and be able to clearly convey what your app and your brand signifies.
In App Store you have the option to add screenshots just like Google Play. However, the layout is a little different. The first screenshot of an app can be viewed from the search page itself. So, you need to carefully select an image that clearly states the purpose of your app. You can insert texts and other visual clips too, but it is better to keep it clean and simple as too much clutter could confuse the consumer.
The reviews and ratings contribute to ranking the same way they do in Google Play, and you already know what to do about those.
Other App Stores
Though Apple and Android are the two leading platforms in smartphones, they are not the only one. Platforms like Blackberry, Microsoft (Windows Phone) etc. also have their own app stores: BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Store. Most of the above mentioned ASO strategies work for these app stores as well.

All being said and done, it is the quality and usability of your app that will take it at the top, so be sure that your app is user friendly and is maintained and improved through updates. A prompt and helpful customer service will also help you get good feedback which in turn will give your app higher ranking.

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10 Best Programming Languages of 2015 You Should Know

10 Best Programming Languages of 2015 You Should Know
The technology world is expanding immensely with each passing year and months, as they are coming up with new trendier smartphones and tablets every other day and the competition too has grown tough in the market to stand at the highest position. That’s the reason programmers and web developers are in tremendous demand nowadays because they have a good knowledge of programming languages. Various programming languages are now available and each of them has distinct functions.
When you are just beginning, you might not know about these languages, but you can certainly make some efforts to learn about them and do mastery on at least one or more languages; then you can certainly gain a high-paid job for yourself in the industry. We have mentioned here 10 excellent programming languages of 2015 which you should learn and have a better idea.
1. Java
Java is considered as the perfect language for the developers and programmers to learn. Currently it is the top-most programming language and has grabbed the highest position with Android OS yet again, though it was a bit down a few years ago. Java can be utilized for mobile-based applications, enterprise level purpose, for creating desktop applications, and for establishing Android apps on tablets and smartphones.
2. PHP
The web developers should learn about PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, a well-known programming language. With the help of PHP, you can enlarge a web app very quickly and effortlessly. PHP is the actual foundation of many strong content management systems, for example, WordPress. PHP is really a valuable programming language for the developers and programmers.
3. JavaScript
While you are expanding your site, JavaScript is extremely functional as this language can immensely assist you in generating communication for your website. You can utilize various in style frameworks in JavaScript for constructing superb user interface. When you’re into web development, it’s very important to known about JavaScript for making interactive web pages. JavaScript is applied for including animations on the web pages, loading fresh images, scripts or objects on web page, and craft hugely responsive user interfaces.
4. Python
For becoming skilled at all-in-one language, you should begin learning Python language that has the ability to expand web apps, data analysis, user interfaces, and many more, and frameworks are also available for these tasks. Python is utilized by bigger companies mostly that can evaluate vast data sets, thus this is a huge chance to learn it and be a Python programmer.
5. Objective-C
If you are the one who is interested on constructing apps for iOS, then you have to know about Objective-C language efficiently. The most preferred choice for all the web developers is Objective-C. When you have learnt Objective-C, you can begin applying XCode that is known to be the authorized software development tool from Apple. Thus you can quickly produce iOS app that can be noticeable in App Store.
6. Ruby
Another popular programming language is Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This can be learnt easily, and also very strong and clear-cut. If you’ve small time in hand and still want to craft any project, then you can surely utilize Ruby language. This programming language is applied massively for web programming, and hence turned out to be the ideal selection for the beginner companies.
7. Perl
Perl is also a well-accepted programming language that offers distinct tools for various obscure setbacks such as system programming. Though this programming language is a bit puzzling, but it is really a strong one that you can learn for this year, and renew your knowledge. Perl is mainly used for sites and web app expansion, desktop app development and system administration, and test automation that can be applied for testing databases, web apps, networking devices, and many more.
8. C, C++ and C#
You can increase your knowledge by learning about C this year that is unique programming language. Being the oldest, it should be learnt firstly when you start up, and it is mainly applied in forming different softwares.
C++ or C plus plus is a bit more progressive than C, and utilized immensely in forming hardware speeded games. It is an ideal selection for strong desktop software as well as apps for mobiles and desktop. Known to be the strongest language, C++ is applied in vital operating systems, such as Windows.
After learning these 2, you can go ahead in knowing about C# language. It won’t be difficult for you to get accustomed with C# after knowing C and C++. C# is actually the prime language for Microsoft applications and services. While executing with .Net and ASP technologies, you are required to be familiar with the C# accurately.
9. SQL
When you are executing on databases such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, etc, you should be aware of SQL programming language or Standard Query Language. From this language, you can achieve the proficiency of acquiring the needed data from big and multifaceted databases.
10. Swift
Swift is reflected upon as the trendiest program language for expanding apps for Apple products. This language can be utilized by you for building up apps for iOS activated devices and Apple’s MAC in quick and simple method. When you are keen to expand a superb iOS application, then it is better for you to gain knowledge of Swift programming language.
So the developers and programmers should ensure that they’re updated regarding them. Knowing such programming languages will certainly take them to a greater level altogether in their career!
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